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OK so first thing is first! Welcome! If your interested in participating, just register up and get ready for the 1st challenge. The Scene will be up soon! Other things basically, this site is till being worked on, so expect changes and things like that around this site. For the scene, the lighting is already done, or being worked on as we speak. You will have 6 days to get as much texturing done as you can. This is not a competition, this is just a community based challenge for socializing, producing art, and learning new things, among other things. The models were not done by me, i just went online and found a scene. If you have models that you’d like to donate at any time, that would be great and credit would be give to you!  If you have any other questions, just post below, or shoot me an email!! Looking forward to seeing what everyone produces at the end of the week!

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