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Hey everyone! So i’m switching these challenges to monthly¬†challenges! This asset we are working on right now i am really enjoying, and i hope you all are as well. The reason i decided to make it a monthly challenge was so that we could have more time to work on the assets (especially since we all have other things to focus on also), gives your more time to experiment with textures, ask questions, network, and post progresses of your work for critiques, guidance, or just because! So This asset we are working on now will be due at the end of this month! New people might be joining, so it gives them a month to work on this, and us some more time if you started on this challenge.

I also started a facebook group for this site and here’s the link:¬†¬† join it, and invite others to the group! Depending on how everything goes, we might be able to offer more then one scene each month, but no promises!


Oh! And here’s a render on where i am with my render, where are you guys at?

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  1. Yay! A month helps. Idk if I’ll be able to wait that long though :P

    I shall post what I have tonight. Then work on it some more. So is the challenge due August 1st or August 30th?

    I also will work on the bathroom scene I was mention on FB!

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