Challenge 1 – Jessica Colet

I had fun doing this. Took about 4-6 hours. Only had 4-6 hours to work on it because of Comic Con.


Thanks :]

Challenge 1 – Nick Toohill

*UPDATE* New progress video.
Finally “finished”, still wanna keep tweaking it, but calling it done for now!

Challenge 1 - Nick (Final)

Challenge 1 Final Render

Challenge 1 Final Texture

Challenge 1 Final Texture

I know it came out kinda “clean”, dirtying it up is next task, when i start working on it again.

*Orig Post*
2 days in, I’ve decided to post a progress video now, and once i’m done.
So far, I’ve

  • cleaned up the scene to personal pref.
  • UV’d the scene
  • did a simple test comp (for color tweaking/testing)

Gonna layout into single set and begin texturing tonight.

Challenge 1 - Nick - Day 2

Challenge 1 – Nick – Day 2
Photoshop Test Comp

Challenge 1

Sorry for the wait everyone! Website is still being worked on but the 1st challenge is ready!
Here’s the link peeps! Hurry up and get started! And good luck!
Challenge 1 : MA FBX