Jessica Colet – Challenge 2

My Preeeecious
Here is my render so far for the 2nd challenge. I know.. I’m probably cheating because I’m not painting everything by hand. But this is so much faster! I painted the radio by hand at least.

Things to work on:
-Brain texture
-Purple stuff
-Book textures

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  1. Great job! Keep going! =D well i was thinking about having this scene probably due, in 2 weeks. Then have something small that can be done in 2 weeks then do your bathroom scene.

  2. Wait! I just noticed you said that because you aren’t hand painting everything, you are cheating? Is that correct?

  3. Haha I guess cheating wasn’t the proper term for what I meant. I guess I mean, not really stretching my painting skills. But yeah haha still gotta keep working!

    How long until it’s due? This next friday? Or like tomorrow? haha

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