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So the First Challenge will be here in a few hours for everyone to start working on it! Lighting will be set up already, so all you have to do is spend all 6 days working on the textures. During this week, let me know what you guys think. Like:

  • Should people be able to post on here what they have so far during the week
  • Questions about this site or how the challenge should go

Anything that is on your mind!

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  1. cookiethedino

    This looks like a great idea!

    Allowing people to post during the week would help for those looking for critique and learning opportunities.

    As for the challenge, I assume it will go just as any other CG talk/CG challenge goes where you post the model and in a week we post our work finished in renders and texture/UV swatches.

    Oh! Sparked a question, will the model be UV-ed?

  2. Hey Jess! I Actually got this idea from CGSociety. I always wanted to do the texture challenge with them but they stopped doing them. So i figured i’d just start it. Um, i haven’t really looked at the Uv’s of this scene, so based on your work flow, do as you please with the Uv’s. Towards the turn in, just a render pretty much. Anything else is up to you pretty much. And yeah, good point!

  3. EdgeIcon

    If we feel we would like to adjust lighting in any way is that alright? or would it be best not to mess with that?

  4. Towards the lighting, if you would like to adjust it, it should be something towards every asset. We aren’t really focusing on lighting just texturing. So if you’d like to adjust the lighting, if we would approve it, it would be the lighting for everyone else. I guess on Sundays i will have the next scene ready and we can all talk about the lighting for the next one. Is that cool?

  5. Karla

    It sounds like a lot of fun! Nice to see some texturing challenges, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll probably wait until after graduation to enter, though. ^_^

    • nicktoohill

      No real entry required, it’s more of a work-at-your-own-pace type of project. Once a challenge comes along that catches your eye or excites you, you’ll be all over it and have it done in no time. These challenges are ment to keep you practicing core techniques, tweaking your own process, giving/receiving constructive feedback so we can all grow as artists.

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