New Challenge for next week!

SO this week was kinda of a mess for me. SO many things came up i barely got around to texturing this asset. The next Challenge will def. be ready for everyone by midnight! Lets try and more people on here! I’m going to try and get a facebook page or group for this. How’d everyone do with this scene?

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  1. Nick Toohill

    I didn’t finish within the usual time period, I will continue to work on this and finish it up. I’ll update my prev post with another vid tonight or tomorrow morning. I rested during the week and missed a few worknights, gonna hammer out what I can tonight and call her done for now. Is lookin good though, I ended up setting it up atlas style rather than individual files, found the workflow to be a lil longer but easier in the end with proper setup.
    Wbu ash, how far didya get?

  2. Soo… having the deadline be on Saturday is kinda weird. It should just be before the next asset is released.

  3. Nick Toohill

    The idea of the Saturday night/Sunday turn-in was so on Sunday we could rest, and view what everyone did and maybe vote on or preview the challenge, which should’ve been released last night, guess Ash had some stuff come up. Should be up soon. Open to changes though, looks like we may switch to two-week-long projects. Open to suggestions. Nice to see ya on here Jess, Welcome.

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