Licensed Mental Health Counselor – Melbourne, FL


Terri Williamson was my therapist during a very difficult time in my life. During this period, I was struggling with several family issues. I was completely overwhelmed and traumatized, feeling as though my life was falling apart. Talking with Terri gave me a safe place to discuss my feelings. I could tell her things I never told another person and did not feel that she judged me. She listened compassionately and made me feel hopeful. Whenever I called her, she always quickly returned my call and made time for me. She was my lifeline, so I could continue to function in my daily life. I was so confused and unsure of what I wanted, yet with her support and guidance, I could discover the best choices for me. With Terri’s professional help, I finally figured out how to heal. I will be forever grateful that Terri was my therapist. If I ever experience life’s difficulties again, I would not hesitate to seek her help. I continue to this day to recommend Terri whenever someone I know is in need of an exceptional therapist.   ~ (K.H.)

I worked with Ms. Williamson for several months to address issues from my childhood.   Her guidance and skills helped me to develop alternative perspectives and “meanings” to several childhood experiences that were negatively impacting my current relationships.   I found her to be compassionate, caring, competent, and trustworthy.   I would highly recommend her to my friends, family or colleagues.   ~  (A.M.)

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