35mm Album 1

This is my first SLR Album. No fancy digital camera pictures here, just old an fashion Asahi Pentax ESII I recently received for doing some computer work.
These shots are from my first roll. They were taken with a 35mm lens w/ Vivitar Skylight filter using F3.5. If you are interested in purchasing one of these pictures, please Email Me

Palm in Bloom

35mm – Palm in Bloom – 2012

Tiny Purple and White Flowers

35mm – Tiny Purple and White Flowers – 2012

Purple and White Orchid

35mm – Purple and White Orchid – 2012

Flower Pot

35mm – Flower Pot – 2012

White Flowers

35mm – White Flowers – 2012

Mimosa Tree

35mm – Mimosa Tree – 2012

Bamboo and Palm

35mm – Bamboo and Palm – 2012


35mm – Grasses – 2012

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