35mm Album 1

This is my first SLR Album. No fancy digital camera pictures here, just old an fashion Asahi Pentax ESII I recently received for doing some computer work.
These shots are from my first roll. They were taken with a 35mm lens w/ Vivitar Skylight filter using F3.5. If you are interested in purchasing one of these pictures, please Email Me

Palm in Bloom

35mm – Palm in Bloom – 2012

Tiny Purple and White Flowers

35mm – Tiny Purple and White Flowers – 2012

Purple and White Orchid

35mm – Purple and White Orchid – 2012

Flower Pot

35mm – Flower Pot – 2012

White Flowers

35mm – White Flowers – 2012

Mimosa Tree

35mm – Mimosa Tree – 2012

Bamboo and Palm

35mm – Bamboo and Palm – 2012


35mm – Grasses – 2012



Sunshine State Senior Women’s Golf Association


The Sunshine State Senior Women’s Golf Association is a women’s golf association located in Florida. SSSWGA hosts two tournaments a year for amateur women golfers over the age of 50.

Mrs. Telling, SSSWGA Board Member, contacted me requesting an update to there aging website. Currently under review and approval, I have decided to post their new site here on my blog.

Update: This site has since been taken down by request, I will add more pictures of the site at a later date.


Terri’s Site

Terri Williamson's Site

Terri Williamson’s Site

Terri Williamson is professional counselor, licensed in Florida as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 19 years of experience.

She runs a private therapy practice in Melbourne Florida and she commissioned me to create a website for her practice. She is very satisfied with her new professional and welcoming website.

Terri’s Site

Poynter’s Art

Poynter's Art

Poynter’s Art

Poynter’s Art is a portfolio website for a hobbyist painter in Melbourne, FL

Ray is a family friend who commissioned me to create a website for his various paintings. He is an amazing artist who creates watercolor and oil paintings.

Poynter’s Art

Zoe’s Portfolio

Zoe Brockway's Portfolio

Zoe Brockway’s Portfolio

I created this website for a friend from Full Sail.

Zoe is an amazing Character artist living in California.
She focuses on anatomy and character design.

Although she has upgraded to another host for her website, I still have her original portfolio hosted on my server

Old Portfolio
New Site

Willow Bend B&B

Willow Bend Bed and Breakfast

Willow Bend Bed and Breakfast

I created this website for my aunt, Vips Alpizar, who owns and operates the Willow Bend Bed and Breakfast in West Virginia.

Located outside Union , WV  Her B&B has much to offer on her 160 acre property for hunting, fishing, ATV’ing, birdwatching, hiking and more. Enjoy a delicious two-course breakfast on the wraparound deck or in the dining room by the fireplace.

Her home, built in the 1800′s, is a three-story farmhouse with 5 guest bedrooms each with their own private bath and fireplace.

Willow Bend Bed and Breakfast

Dan’s Portfolio

Daniel Zwain's Portfolio

Daniel Zwain’s Portfolio

I created this website for one of my friends from Full Sail.

Dan is an Animator who graduated from Full Sail in May 2012.
He currently lives in Hillsdale, New Jersey where continues to draw and animate.

Dans website was ZwainKeyframe.com but it has since been taken down.
For portfolio purposes, i am hosting it on my server, you can find it here.

Dan’s Portfolio


CG Texture Challenge

CG Texture Challenge

I created this website for CG artists who want to practice texturing.

CG Texture Challenge is an online community for texturing artists to hone in their skills. The idea behind the site is to offer monthly projects for artists to work on in their free time.

CG Texture Challenge

Learning To DJ

This is my first song and music video under the artist name NToo.

I mixed the song in one take using an iPhone app and recorded this video shortly after. After adding annotations, the video simulates a DJ mixing tracks while driving on the highway. The music is lined up with the video and matches head movements, lights flashing, and more, watch to see!

I drove my CBR250R up I-4 in Orlando, FL with my phone mounded to my helmet. The song features hits from the past few years including LMFAO – Best Night, Hyper Crush – Ayo, Bassnectar – Bass Head, Pendulum – The Island Pt II, and few other mixed-in tracks.

Environment Painting

I made this video while I was learning Photoshop at Full Sail.

It’s an 8 minute video of a speed paining session.
Object was to recreate the painting as best I could in 1 hour.

Painting an Environment

Painting an Environment